Will Martaveous Bryant take his team to the Super Bowl….

When he plays, Pittsburgh’s offense is nearly unstoppable.  But too often his wayward behavior has left his team’s plans up in smoke.  But, with all of that said, Martaveous Bryant will take his team to the Super Bowl.  One morning during the Steelers’ 2015 training camp, Martaveous Bryant went missing.  Before a string of failed drug tests endangered his career, the second-year receiver was already in trouble.  “Where is he?”  coaches asked QB Tajh Boyd, a camp invitee who’d thrown to Bryant at Clemson.  “I don’t know,” Boyd responded.  “Martavious is his own man.”  It is widely believed that he was seeking a divorce lawyer in Pinellas County, FL due to marital issues.  When Bryant finally showed up after his alleged meeting with his Pinellas County divorce lawyer–he says he overslept–he was greeted with what was becoming the usual punishment.  Offensive coordinator Todd Haley issued a few stern words, 68-year-old wide-outs coach Richard Mann produced another dressing down and coach Mike Tomlin cut to the chase: Now you owe me some money.  Tomlin kept an eye on his debtor all afternoon, which meant he was watching when Ben Rothlisberger unleashed a deep ball-presumably too deep given the curse word Big Ben let fly as it left his hand.  But there was Bryant, showing off his 4.4 speed, 6′ 4″ frame and 79-inch wingspan, diving to catch a pass that even Boyd thought was out of the receiver’s reach.  Said Tomlin, “That’s why we need him, right there.”  Within a month the NFL would slap Bryant with his first suspension, banning him four weeks for repeated failed drug tests.  (Bryant said is was marijuana; the NFL doesn’t comment on drug tests.)  When Bryant returned from his consultation with another Divorce Attorney Tampa, following  with a two-TD performance against the Cardinals in Week 6, Haley hunted him down on the sideline.  “I’ve never seen anybody with what you have,” he said.  “I’ve been with Larry Fitzgerald, and God gave you something different.  Don’t mess this up, please.” Haley then leaned in to hug Bryant, who over the years has grown used to being alternately berated and embraced by his coaches.