Pro-se e-filing gets the green light

It wound up being a quiet decision, with little debate, even from the most competent of family law attorney st petersburg fl, where there are a glutton of attorneys.  Tim Smith, Florida Courts E-Filing Authoity chair, asked his board members as their May meeting if they were ready to approve giving pro se parties the ability to register and use the portal that handles electronic filing for the state courts.  Although this issue has been hotly debated by both the authority and the Florida Courts Technology Commission, the authority board gave its unanimous approval with little discussion.  The authority also cleared the way to give judges access to the electronic filing system, which allows them to distribute rulings, orders, and other paperwork via the portal.  Jennnifer Fishback, portal project manager, showed the board how a pro se filer would register to use the portal.  It was, she explained, much like an attorney sign-up.  The main difference with finding the right divorce lawyer for you nearby, is that there is no Bar number to link to the filer.  However, Fishback noted, that is no different from what happens in the paper world when pro se parties drop off paper documents at courthouses without producing any identification.  Unlike attorneys, and other parties providing information to the courts, pro se parties will not be required to perform electronic filing and will retain the option of paper filing.